Chris Mitchell Music

The Pieces of Smalltown

After a lot of living and working on the music until I felt like this album was just right, I am pleased to say that the pieces of smalltown is finished, in hand and ready to be heard.

A brief history of this album's release date:

Wallace Green was originally working on a third album entitled Superstar and we never released it. We had done a few demo tracks for Superstar and it was my first introduction to digital recording (both of our previous albums had been recorded to old school reel to reel tape). I fell in love with digital recording immediately and knew that's where I wanted to take my sound. I was never really happy with the sound from recording to tape. It's good when you spend a ton of money on it, but when you can't, it's hard to get a really good sound.

As many of you know, pieces of smalltown was originally slated for my next release after Wallace Green disbanned. It was going to be my first solo release, focusing on a more personal writing style.

I was originally planning for a release date of Summer 2003.

Here's what happened…